On What Authority Do You Stand?

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The vision of Self-Evident is to see ALL citizens become a productive member of The United States of America, to understand the founding documents and to realize that GOD gave us rights along with the morality to keep those rights.


To bring the truth of the constitution to Americans by way of workshops, speaking events and unique curriculum. To educate all Americans on what their constitutional rights and freedoms are and to connect those rights to the freedom that can only be found in a relationship with God.

“Massey and Cari Campos are quite obviously in love with this country and teaching the youth of America why. With passion and purpose, Self-Evident Ministry seeks to bring the next generation of American leaders into an understanding of how precious our nation’s freedoms and opportunities are. Supporting the work of Self Evident ministry is a vital path to securing liberties for another generation.”


—  Lyette Reback

     Founder, "BelieveWithMe.com, Author